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ODK Briefcase Installation


ODK Briefcase Installation 

The ODK Briefcase file available for download is an executable Java application. Once downloaded, it can be run directly and does not need to be “installed”.

ODK Briefcase has reached end-of-life, and updates are no longer supported.


  1. Download ODK Briefcase 
  2. Open the file by double clicking the file icon.
  3. Set your local Briefcase Storage location.
    1. The first time you open Briefcase, you will need to select a directory for storing forms and submission data. 
    2. A new directory called ODK Briefcase Storage will be created under the directory you select.


About ODK Briefcase 

ODK Briefcase is a desktop application for pulling, pushing, and converting form data on ODK servers such as ODK Aggregate. You can use it to move form definitions and records between different ODK servers, archive the form data locally, or export it into useful formats.

With Briefcase you can:

  • Pull blank form definitions and completed form instances from Collect, Aggregate, or individual form definitions from your computer.
  • Push blank form definitions and completed form instances to an Aggregate server.
  • Export data from completed form instances to CSV files.
  • Decrypt encrypted submissions.
  • Back up form data from an Aggregate server.
  • Transfer data across upgrade-incompatible versions of Aggregate.
  • Work from a command line.

What is the Open Data Kit?

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