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ODK Aggregate Introduction

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In order to make your ODK Aggregate Installation successful, you will want to ensure that you have the right environment for deployment. Using the steps below will ensure a smooth installation process. 

Access to the Internet

If you don’t have consistent internet access, ODK Briefcase may be more appropriate.

Technical Capabilities 

Deploying custom local or cloud servers can be very challenging and require a steep learning curve. Through custom deployments, you will be changing network configurations, configuring serve and network routers, installing software, and understanding if you have the correct backup system in place to store your data.

If someone on your team does not possess the skills necessary to deploy custom servers, you still have the option of using DigitalOcean. Through their Cloud-Config stack, you do not have to do a majority of the very technical work. This can help your team quickly more forward with developing your applications. 

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