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ODK Central and Installation


About ODK Central

Projects that need advanced user permissioning, encrypted forms, or compatibility with ODK Briefcase are not currently supported on ODK Central. If you are working with data that must be encrypted at the collection site or you will not have consistent internet connectivity when you are collecting the data, ODK Central will not be a good option. You should continue to use ODK Aggregate to store your data. 

Currently, ODK Central allows for users to do the following: 

  • Create user accounts and management
  • Form and submission upload and management
  • With form and submission multimedia or data attachments
  • With a table preview of submission data
  • OData live data feed for analysis with tools like Excel, Power BI, and Tableau
  • Integrated checklist-based help system
  • Automatic, encrypted off-site data backups to Google Drive
  • Clean and modern REST API for integration and extensibility
  • High performance on low-cost hardware or cloud providers


ODK Central Installation 

ODK Central manages user accounts and permissions, stores form definitions, and allows data collection clients to connect and download forms, and is current in beta testing as an advanced version of ODK Aggregate. ODK Aggregate should still be used if ODK Central does not meet the needs of your team or you are unsure if you want to use an application that is still being tested. 

ODK Central is still in the early development stage and does not include all of the functionality necessary complete complicated projects. Please review the About ODK Central to learn more about the features currently available.

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