Community Support and Resources

We are genuinely interested in making the world a better place and helping other people with similar goals to do the same. Therefore, we reinvest our own resources to support projects like the Logframe Lab or our pro-bono M&E Capacity Support Program.

Logframe Lab

Logframe Lab is a free, open-source monitoring and evaluation tool for NGOs that helps them match project ideas with the most relevant metrics for tracking their success.

We have recently launched in November 2020 and are always interested in any feedback members of our community may have about it.

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logoframe lab
logoframe lab

Monitoring and Evaluation Capacity Support Program

In the humanitarian sector, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and Technology for Development (T4D) are areas that are often considered secondary tasks. This means that they are frequently under-resourced within an organisation, despite being an important aspect to holding programs accountable to the populations they serve. That’s why we have developed a free monitoring and evaluation training program for new, small and grass-roots organisations.

We support newly established and grass-roots organisations in improving their M&E practice. We believe the most effective way to do so is through open-source training materials, and one-on-one virtual training with our M&E experts. Send an email to info [at] arqaam [dot] io for more information on applying to the program.

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Additional Resources

We believe strongly in transparency in the work we do, and want to encourage others to make use of some of the open source resources we use as we do. A list of open source resources for various elements of our work is available in our Resources documentation page.