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Data Center Considerations


When selecting a data center, it is important to consider many different factors that can affect your hosting experience. Below, we have outlined some of the considerations you should account for before selecting a hosting service.

Location: You should try to find a datacenter that is close to the service you are providing, if possible. This will ensure that the data you collect can make a quick connection. It is commonly known that if your organization is located in the EU for example, you will receive quicker connection speeds if you choose to host your data in an EU data center. Additionally choosing a location near your data collection site will ensure that you will be able to access support during your hours of business if you encounter difficulties.

Cost: An important consideration is the cost of hosting your data. Your team should weigh the cost of hosting and the benefits provided by the company storing your data. More expensive data centers will be more likely to provide better benefits to their users and will have more measures to protect your information. However, it is important to carefully research the center before choosing as cost is not the only indicator of determining of the center is the right choice for your company.

Data Privacy: Further, you should look for a location that meets the data privacy needs of the information you are collecting. For example, countries like Germany have strict data protection laws that ensure that the information you collect will be private. Other countries are not as strict and your data may be more susceptible to government interventions.

Data Center Facilities: In order to ensure that your data will be protected in case of an emergency, it is very important to ensure that the data center under consideration is well-equipped with backup solutions for all primary components, such as HVAC, fire, power, etc. Ensure the data center has disaster recovery plans in case of mishaps, power failures, etc.

Reliability: Make sure to review the data center providers network uptime, power service, temperature stability, and security agreements. Thoroughly review the Service Level Agreement provided when you are entering a contract to ensure that your information will be protected. Reliable data centers will have an uptime of over 99.99% of the time.

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