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How to use ODKBriefcase


Using ODK Briefcase 

Using ODK Briefcase can seem complicated at first. But once you understand the basics, you will be able to easily use ODK Briefcase to pull and push forms. 

You have a few different options for pulling forms, outlined below. You should follow the instructions for whichever method you are using to store your information. 

Pulling from ODK Aggregate 

As mentioned in the previous chapter about ODK Aggregate, it is an open source Java application that stores, analyzes, and presents XForm survey data collected using ODK Collect. In order to use ODK Briefcase with this tool, you will need to first ensure that you have properly installed ODK Aggregate. Please refer to the section on ODK Aggregate installation for more instructions. 

Downloading Blank Forms from ODK Aggregate

To download blank forms and completed form instances from an Aggregate server:

  1. Open the Pull tab.
  2. Select Aggregate server in the Pull from drop-down.
  3. Click the Configure button.
  4. Enter the URL and login credentials for your Aggregate server in the dialog that pops up and click the Connect button.

If you have anonymous login enabled on Aggregate, no login credentials are needed here. You will automatically be connected. 

  1. Briefcase will show a list of forms for download. Only forms that are marked in Aggregate as downloadable will be shown.
  2. Select the forms you want to download and click Pull. The selected forms will be pulled to your Briefcase Storage location.

The term Briefcase Storage indicates the location of the ODK Briefcase Storage directory. Please refer to the ODK Briefcase Installation steps if you are not sure which directory you selected. 

  1. For each selected form, Briefcase will pull down:
    1. The form definition file (that is, the blank XForm).
    2. All media associated with the form.
    3. Completed form instances, including all their attached media files.
  2. If you have previously pulled the form:
    1. The form definition file and media files will not be pulled.
    2. New instances will be downloaded.
  3. For forms with more than 100 submissions, you will need to enable the configuration parameter Start pull from last submission pulled in the Settings tab to improve pull performance on slow connections.

What is the Open Data Kit?

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