Pro Bono

M&E Capacity Support

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and Technology for Development (T4D) are areas that are often considered secondary tasks. Thus they are frequently under-resourced within an organisation. We¬† want to help change this and believe that small, grass-roots organisations should not be left out. That’s why we offer this pro bono support programme.

We support newly established and grass-roots organisations in improving their M&E practice. During this. we take an approach that emphasises building field ownership. Furthermore, we utilise open source tools that you can keep using.

We offers direct organisational support on the following topics:

  • Basic training on M&E
    • Good indicators
    • Qualitative and quantitative data collection tools
    • Logframes and theory of change
  • Training in data quality assurance practices
  • Review M&E Frameworks and plans
  • Support in outlining a Digitalisation Strategy
  • How to use digital data collection
  • Evaluating T4D projects through Digital Principles of Development
  • Developing data standards and reporting


We do not want to replace M&E staff, but work with your staff to build their capacity. This will enable them to take on these tasks in the future.

Lastly, we want to ensure our pro bono services go to the right organisations. Thus if you are interested, your organisation should meet the following criteria. You should only operation on national, regional or local level, but not internationally. Your organisational yearly turnover has to be less than 250,000 USD. You do not need any official registration.

If you are interested, please send us an email: info [at] arqaam. eu