Mission, Vision & Values

At Arqaam, we are driven by people. Whether it’s the diverse group of people we work with, or the people across the world we are supporting through our work with non-government organisations (NGOs). With our mission, vision and values we want to outline the principals that are present throughout everything we do.


Arqaam provides contextually informed and ethical analysis that reimagines the possibility and opportunity for effective social change and inspires action. We want to show the world how to better utilise data.


Arqaam envisions a world where humanitarian and development actors use data as an integral part of all their processes in order to learn and provide the best possible implementation.


  • Integrity – the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles
  • Transparency – the condition of being transparent within processes and communication
  • Accountability – the fact or condition of being held accountable
  • Legality – the quality or state of being in accordance with the law
  • Fairness – impartial and just treatment or behaviour without favouritism or discrimination
  • Professionalism – the competence or skill expected of a professional
  • Collaboration – the action of working with someone to produce or create something

The guiding principals of Arqaam are based on the values and mission:

  1. Arqaam follows the principles of integrity and equality.
  2. Arqaam aspires to always be inclusive.
  3. Throughout its work Arqaam always respects differences.
  4. Arqaam does not accept harassment in any form.
  5. The positions Arqaam takes are based on sound, objective and professional analysis and high standards of research.

We hope that this gives you a further indication of the standards that we hold ourselves and our work to. If you have any questions on our mission, vision, values or guiding principals, or would like to discuss a monitoring and evaluation proposal for your impact organisation, then don’t hesitate to reach out via the contact page.

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